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Our goal is to help you celebrate local history. We aim to educate and inspire adding value to your community while creating a sense of place. History matters. Having roots enriches our collective quality of life. Bookmark this page to keep up with current research. Share the link with your friends. Contribute. Visit your local museum. Be an active player




From the roots of Soul at Stax Records to the Capitol of Country Music, Tennessee knows about the history of American Music. From the first Abolitionist newspaper in Jonesboro, to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee is the epicenter of the struggle for freedom.




New Hampshire

New York



New Mexico

North Carolina

North Dakota

At the northernmost point of the Great Plains region lies the state of North Dakota. A picturesque expanse of grasslands and other natural wonders, the state of North Dakota has a long and fascinating history that mirrors the vastness of its natural terrain.


Situated in the midst of the Great Plains is a fascinating patch of rugged terrain known as Nebraska. "The Cornhusker State" has a long and fascinating history that complements the state’s expansive landscape.


South Dakota

What do Mount Rushmore, the Badlands Territory and the Black Hills have in common? They are all signposts marking the history of the great state of South Dakota.

District of Columbia





At the western edge of the American Midwest, lies the state of Kansas, the 34th state. While it appears unassuming, the state’s flat and expansive landscape has experienced quite a bit over the years.


Stretching back hundreds, if not thousands, of years; the state of Wisconsin has a back history steeped in Native American culture and the French exploration of the continent that predates the state's 1848 induction into the Union.



Marking the intersection between the American south and midwest, the state of Kentucky, the nation's 15th state, is also, in many ways, a true crossroads in the history of the nation.



Known as the Buckeye State, Ohio was incorporated into the union in early 1803 as the 17th state. From the flood plains of The Maumee River’s Black Swamp to the Appalachian Foothills of Athens, from the canals of Cuyahoga County to the seven hills of Cincinnati, Ohio’s landscape is eclectic and diverse.


Featuring landscapes ranging from wide and open plains to hilly and mountainous terrain, the state of Oklahoma is one of the most geographically diverse regions in the United States. It is only appropriate that its history is just as diverse and fascinating as its terrain.

West Virginia




Indiana was incorporated into the Union on December 11th, 1816 as the 19th state; but Hoosier history begins long before that. Stretching back to prehistoric times, the story of Indiana includes the ancient Mississippian earthworks at Angel Mounds, the French settlements of Vincennes, colonial Fort Wayne, and our first state capitol Corydon.


It is hard to talk about Illinois without "Looking for Lincoln". As he said, "I was born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana, but it was in Illinois I grew to be a man." You can walk in his footsteps in Decatur or New Salem, visit his home in Springfield, or hear the echo of his words in a dozen towns.


New Jersey




Spanning over 53,000 square miles and featuring landscapes as diverse as the Ozark Mountains and the Arkansas Delta, the state of Arkansas is certainly a sight to behold.




At the heart of the heartland, Missouri's unique location in the American landscape is at the core of its story. At the confluence of the Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio and Illinois Rivers it has been a hub of commerce since humans came to this land.


One of the northernmost states in the American midwest, Minnesota stands as one of the region's most distinctive states. Known as the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes,' the state of Minnesota offers a wildly diverse landscape that serves to mirror its unique history.



When you imagine the American Midwest, you imagine Iowa. Our 26th state was incorporated into the union on December 28th, 1846, but its history is much richer than that single piece of information.






South Carolina

Rhode Island


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